About Collatamp G

Surgical site infections are the third most common form of hospital-acquired infection, resulting in longer hospital stays, increased time in intensive care, repeat surgery, and even death.1 This is because certain parts of the body, such as the stomach, chest, bones and intestines, are naturally more vulnerable to developing an infection following surgery.

Fortunately, if you're at high risk of developing a surgical site infection, or are undergoing potentially high-risk surgery, Canadian surgeons and nurses now have a new medical device to help them dramatically reduce  surgical site infections—Collatamp G.

Collatamp G has been used safely for almost 20 years around the world in over two million patients, with no adverse events reported. This breakthrough medical product is placed directly into the wound during your surgery and helps prevent surgical site infections by delivering a high dose of powerful antibiotic directly at the site of infection risk. It then dissolves into the body, helps stop bleeding and promotes accelerated wound healing.

You can think of Collatamp G as a highly targeted or "laser-sighted" approach versus the "shotgun" approach taken with intravenous antibiotics. While it doesn't replace systemic intravenous antibiotics, Collatamp G provides high-risk patients with a much greater degree of surgical site infection prevention.

Studies show that Collatamp G reduces the rate of surgical site infections more than 50%, without any known side effects.3